“Dijko Ovens BV, specialized in industrial proofing, oven, cooling and freezing systems, is well known for its modular baking system”

In November of 2016, Dijko has installed a large sheet cake line for one of the leading cake manufacturers in the USA. Available space and height for the installation was very tight. Dijko Ovens was the only manufacturer who could accomodate all of the clients wishes into the available space.

This line is equipped with blast freezing modules, which make it stand out compared to other lines.

  • Tray size 650×900 mm, 4 half sheet cakes (320×440 mm, 2kg each) or 2 full sheet cakes (640×440 mm, 4 kg each) per tray
  • Ambient cooling after oven
  • In-line freezing
  • Teflon tray guides on racks to decrease tray wear and eliminate product contamination
  • Capacity of 853 half sheet cakes/hr with a 45 minute bake time (1.600 kg/hour)

Layout of the installation
The installation is equipped with the following modules:

  • 5 oven modules
  • 5 ambient cooler modules
  • 8 blast freezer modules, with sequential defrost
  • 2 U-transporters
  • 1 loading tower, trays enter from the bottom
  • 1 unloading tower, trays exit from the middle

Apart from the above, Dijko Ovens has also delivered the entire tray transport system, which also includes a tray washer. Depanning is currently done by hand, as is placement of the cardboard boxes in which the cakes are baked.


In September 2017, the capacity of the installation was doubled in just 3 weeks, by addition of the following modules:

  • 5 oven modules
  • 3 ambient/forced cooling modules (depending on temperature setpoint)
  • 8 blast freezer modules, with sequential defrost

The capacity of the installation is now at 3.200 kg/hour, with a 45 minute bake, 36 minutes of (conditioned) cooling and 72 minutes of blast freezing. Total footprint of the installation is a mere 5 m × 35 m. Total occupied floorspace 175 m², excluding tray handling.

Furthermore, the system has been modified to also allow for cupcake production. For this, the entire tray transport system has been upgraded and now includes the following options:

  • Existing cardboard tray former now automatically feeds cardboard boxes into trays. No more manual labour required to place cardboard boxes in trays
  • Robotic needle and swipe depanning of (cup)cakes onto two outfeed conveyors towards packaging, with laning option.
  • Robot blister placement for cupcake production
  • Automatic cup denesters for cupcake production


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