“Dijko Ovens BV, specialized in industrial proofing, oven, cooling and freezing systems, is well known for its modular baking system”

In 1954 the foundation was laid for a company which has proven to be successful in designing innovative oven-technology.

Drying of vacuum cleaner casings
The first Van Dijk oven was built for a company in The Hague called Van der Heem and was designed by the founder of the company, the late Gerrit van Dijk. The oven was used for the so called enameling (drying and hardening) of lacquer on vacuum cleaner casings. The oven made use of racks, which were pulled through the oven at a certain interval. These racks formed the bottom, the beginning and the end of the oven. It was a revolutionary oven, because it made use of circulating hot air, which went between the products. This way energy costs and time needed for the enameling were halved. During the entire history of this oven building company we will see progressive and energy-saving designs.


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