“Dijko Ovens BV, specialized in industrial proofing, oven, cooling and freezing systems, is well known for its modular baking system”

A very important year is 1997. In the summer of that year the construction of the company’s new combined factory and office on a striking location in Tilburg was started. The appearance of the building is representative for the quality material the company itself works with. The outside of the office is mainly made of stainless steel, a durable and attractive material. Because of the continuous efforts in making energy-efficient products, Dijko felt obligated to have a number of innovative energy-saving provisions installed.

As one of the first in the region Dijko made use of the saving credit of the power company Pnem. Every user has to pay a charge added to the price of energy. These charges go to users who have taken sufficient measures to save energy.

Via these measures the environment is spared and in the future entrepreneurs can even save money. This “green” attitude of Dijko translates in a positive appearance towards the customer. Dijko has succeeded in almost halving the energy use. With that CO2 and other emissions are also reduced.

The first step in saving energy is good insulation. Insulation is always a compromise between thickness of the insulation (and the costs of it) and the amount of energy which is saved. For Dijko the ideal thickness was 18 cm for the roof and 15 cm for the walls. The extra cost for this insulation is earned back in less than 7 years. For the windows so called HR+ glass is used, fitted with a reflecting layer and a special gas between the panes.

In a production company there should be ample ventilation. By sending the warm air that is transported out of the building through a heat-exchanger, the cold air that is transported into the building can be heated. This investment produces a saving of ± 11,000 m3 of gas per year.

An investment which will not earn itself back for the time being, but is in accordance with the company’s ideas, is the recycling of rainwater when it is not necessary to use the valuable tap-water. For flushing the toilets, spraying the plants and so on, rainwater is used which is stored in an underground tank with a volume of 3,000 liters. This tank is big enough to bridge over a dry period of 2 weeks. If by that time it still has not rained, the system switches to tap-water.


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